The mission of the American-Southeast Europe Chamber of Commerce (AmSECC) is to facilitate the economic development and cultural exchange of Southeast Europe through promoting charitable endeavors and meaningful relationships between the region and the United States.


1. The purpose of this organization is to gather, facilitate, connect and build a network of members and businesses in the United States and Southeast Europe.
2. Through networking, promote and develop projects in the region.
3. Encourage foreign direct investment (FDI) and export-import relationships
4. Through the foundation, give back to the region via not-for-profit organizations that enhance communities.


1. Establish a pool of expertise from specific countries and growing industries in the region.
2. For our members, we will add value by providing network opportunities.
3. By facilitating a dialogue between members, we will raise awareness of investment prospects in the region.
4. Establish a foundation with a combination of membership dues, fee-specific projects, grants, and donations.